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Be Like This - Target* - Aim High Vol:1&2 (CDr)

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  2. Nov 05,  · Now, I know that with a yard zero, I have to aim above my target at longer distances to compensate for the bullet’s additional drop due to gravity at the longer distance. I have to hold a POA above the desired POI. This distance that I have to aim high is called the “holdover”, holding the POA over the target.
  3. Transcendence means gaining an extra 10% increased CDR by level 10 resulting in a reduced cooldown of your ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, which can turn the tides of the game. If you hit the CDR cap, the extra CDR becomes AD, so furthers Ashe's damage. Keeping you relevant throughout the game, Gathering Storm builds your AD up steadily.
  4. Aim High Vol 3 DVD/CD Xtravaganza Roll Deep On Tour Edition ‎ (CDr + DVDr, DVD-V) Aim High Music, Media Gang: none: UK: Sell This Version: none: Target* Aim High Vol:1&2.
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  6. For that extra CDR for late game, another viable option is going for the Inspiration tree. Choose Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight [icon=Cosmic Insight. The biscuits will keep your mana up in laning phase and the 5% CDR from Cosmic Inishgt Sorcery Tree: Manaflow Band helps Blitzcrank's a lot.
  7. Jan 12,  · aim high vol2, the new target mix cd, is so SO big. target and danny weed have blown all producers [except ruff sqwad obv.] out of the water with this release. i don't know what else to say- just buy it and i guarentee that you won't be disappointed. this is a definitive, milestone release. this.

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