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  1. Mar 13,  · Cobalt, a positron-emitting isotope, with a half-life of h, allows for next-day imaging. We investigated the influence of the charge of the radiocobalt-chelator complex on the biodistribution of anti-HER3 affibody molecule (HE)3-ZHER3 and compared the best radiocobalt-labeled variant with a recently optimized gallium-labeled variant.
  2. The paper aims at the analysis of principal factors affecting the interaction of radiocobalt with freshwater solids, important for migration of radiocobalt in surface streams. Uptake of radiocobalt by sediment from a small river have been studied as a function of composition of the sediment, of liquid-to-solid ratio (V/m) and of temperature, using laboratory model experiments.
  3. Cobalt 60 definition is - a heavy radioactive isotope of cobalt of the mass number 60 produced in nuclear reactors and used as a source of gamma rays (as for radiotherapy).
  4. Jul 16,  · The sorption of Co(II) on Na-montmorillonite was conducted under various conditions, i.e., contact time, adsorbent dosage, pH, ionic strength, foreign ions, fulvic acid (FA), humic acid (HA) and temperature. Results of sorption data analysis indicated the sorption of cobalt on Na-montmorillonite was strongly dependent on pH and ionic strength. At low pH, the sorption of Co(II) was dominated by.
  5. THE PURPOSE of this paper is to direct attention to radiocobalt as a source of gamma radiation. When compared with radium as a source of gamma radiation, radiocobalt has these advantages: availability, ease of handling, high energy gamma rays and a price range that is not agakelvmarijurusandromadar.xyzinfo initial.
  6. Biokinetics of Radiocobalt in the Asteroid Asterias rubens (Echinodermata): Sea Water and Food Exposures.
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  8. Effects of pH, ionic strength and fulvic acid on sorption of radiocobalt on montmorillonite and its Al-pillared and cross-linked samples were studied using batch technique. The results indicate.

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